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A Full Service Behavioral Health Plan

Avante Health is both a pioneer and an innovator: Changing the way your community views behavioral health.

About Avante
Sound mental health is an important foundation to productive living


Avante Health is a unique health plan that provides the highest quality of mental health services. We understand your community, its people and its businesses. We meet each individual’s needs quickly and effectively, because we live and work among the very people we serve.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Happy employees are productive employees. Our EAP program provides immediate, short-term assistance for employers and employees facing a variety of issues that can have a direct effect on job performance.

  • Behavioral Health Carve-out

    Employers have the option of "carving out" the mental health component of their general medical plan to Avante, a fully-insured specialty health plan focusing on mental health, substance abuse and Employee Assistance Programs.
    Why should I carveout my mental health benefit?

  • Benefit Management
    TPA License holder

    Avante offers full service benefit management. From eligibility determinations to in-house claims processing. Avante can handle all aspects of your benefit management needs.


Avante in Numbers

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The Benefits
of partnering with a Behavioral Health pioneer

Proven Excellence

Avante has provided Mental Health services for more than 20 years. In that time, Avante has assisted multiple employees and their family members with the care they require. Avante continues to improve their service offering, depth of their provider network and quality of their customer service.

Prompt Placements

Guided by the understanding that the patient (member) is at the center of everything we do. We are dedicated to providing the right provider with the right specialty at the right time for our membership. Our clinical concierge model is our trademark; and the contributing factor of our provider/patient satisfaction rating.

Facilitating placements & affordable care

Designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs through:

  • Intimate knowledge of provider specialization/education
  • Timely placement of the member within the Avante provider network
  • Early intervention leading to improved outcomes
  • Reducing exacerbation of the condition
  • De-escalating employer’s health care costs

Extensive Reporting

Avante provides a robust reporting package on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. We are able to customize our reporting package to meet all of our customers needs.

Provider Specialities

Avante provides a broad array of providers to support our member needs. Avante focuses on timely access to our cultural diverse provider network and provide language assistance to guarantee our members receive services that they can use and understand.

How it Works


24 hour Access

Confidential and immediate assistance.


Clinical Concierge

Listening to the needs of our members is paramount. Providing access to the right provider with the specialization required, will improve outcomes and encourage collaboration between member and care provider.


EAP Sessions

The Employee Assistance program provides immediate, short-term assistance for employees and their family members facing a variety of issues. ABHP is here to support you through the emotional crisis and stressors to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. Members are eligible for up to 3 Session every six months per issue, per year.


Nationwide Coverage

Members have access to care even when our members are traveling! Avante will work to access nationwide provider networks wherever care is required.


What our users say

  • My 17 year-old son needed support when his relationship with a girlfriend ended. It’s hard for a mom to know what to say and I was really worried about how to handle the situation. I called Avante and was given a referral to a wonderful counselor who met with both of us for two visits and then saw my son alone after that. He gave him additional tools necessary to cope and get through the experience and I witnessed a new growth and maturity. This was really a learning experience for both of us and I was so thankful to Avante for their assistance.

    From a Subscriber
  • When my husband announced that he wanted a divorce, I was completely devastated. I could not even get out of bed in the morning. There was no way I could go to work. A friend from my job reminded me of my EAP benefit and helped me call Avante. Within days I was seeing a very kind and compassionate provider whose office is near my home in Clovis. I told her that I didn’t have the energy to fight for child or spousal support. My counselor let me know that with Avante’s referral to a Family Law attorney, I would be informed as to what I was owed and deserved. All of this – the emotional and legal guidance afforded me through my Employee Assistance Program benefit – has helped me move forward and while it hasn’t been easy starting over, I am happy and back to work again. Avante’s help helped save me.

    From an Avante Behavioral Health patient
  • I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of water cooler talk since we contracted with Avante Behavioral Health to provide off-site counseling. In the past, my employees brought family issues to work and rather than resolve their problems, they just seemed to spend a lot of time focusing on the negative and neglected their job and responsibilities . Now, I am happy to say, the shift in attitude is toward accomplishing tasks and by keeping up with their workload, they seem to be happier and it is an all around healthier atmosphere. I appreciate having an outside resource to refer my struggling employees to when I notice they are arriving at work late and asking for extra time off.

    From a Human Resource Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Employees/Employers and Providers can sign up for a unique web portal access by completing the registration page. Questions can be sent by completing our contact form.

What is available in the web portal?

Users can access information that is specific to their individual needs, such as Explanation of Benefits / Payments, provider lists / authorizations. Our on-line video library is a unique tool that allows access to educational videos relating to a variety of mental health topics. These videos are an excellent starting point for individuals seeking additional information in a format that is easy to access in a high definition presentation.

What are the requirements?

All that is required is for employees to be an active / eligible employee under their employers plan benefit. Eligibility can be determined by calling Avante.

How do my employees access their benefit?

They can access their portal at www.avantehealth.com or use any of our .

Quality of care?

Avante provides employees access to mental health specialists to discuss their needs, answer questions concerning care as well as benefit information. These same clinicians will provide access to the appropriate clinician in our network and monitor the timeliness of our members appointments.

Why should I carve out my mental health benefit?

Self insured clients that seek cost control, plan benefit design choices as well as a robust medical review process often choose to carve out their mental health benefit. This allows the specialized mental health plan to provide utilization management review, quality management review and facility price negotiations. All services include coordination of care with all other providers within the continuum of care.

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